How to Speed up Your Computer

Several things can be the cause of your computer running slower than normal.  We have all been there…..when you really need your computer it invariably takes a long time to boot, the internet runs slow or won’t even come up.  You may have a large number of popups, websites may re-direct to a page you do to want and on and on.

Viruses can attach to your computer and adjust the system registry and often seem to take over your entire computer.  It may seem to have a mind of it’s own and not do anything you want it to.  Some times it can take 10 to 15 minutes for any simple command to respond.

Adware is not technically a virus but unwanted software than impacts your PC negatively.  These programs often ad tool bars, change browser settings such as home page and search default, and cause popups.  They run in the background and slow down your computer.

If general maintenance is not performed on a computer then valuable memory will be used up over time.  This can cause your system to run slower than normal.  Do not settle for a slow computer.

Ez Tech Services performs remote computer repair to fix many of these issues that slow down a computer.  We can remove all viruses and adware, repair any changes made by the virus or adware, and clean up your memory with our computer tuneup service.  The computer repair happens remotely without you having to leave your home or business.  The virus removal and tuneup takes about 1 hour to complete.  This affordable and convenient service can speed up you computer quickly.

Don’t buy a new computer….Your computer can work like new again!!!!


Ez Tech Services




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